The conference about the future of a medium which has the essential relevance for advertisers and consumers.

October 25, 2018 - National Library of Technology, Prague

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WHAT IS Primetime for… Future of TV?
The conference about the future of a key medium.
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Brand Management 2018 about brands in a post-truth Era: Having no opinion is not a benefit


Can brands be nowadays neutral in their opinion? Just very hard. And such attitude will probably bring nothing good for them in the future....

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Brand Management 2018: What you can do right now to maintain your brand trustworthy


The Brand Management 2018, the bigest meeting of top managers and marketers in the Czech Republic, has just released the full program. The key note...

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Communication Summit 2018 presented brands with purpose and wiped a border between marketing and public relations


Can a triangle "brand – good – business" really work? Or is it just a pose? How to communicate successfully in order to generate profit in addition...

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